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A universal high-quality anodized aluminum profile is a rather light and thin base for a LED strip or a LED linear having width not more than 10.8 mm. It’s available in silvery, black and white color.

The screen for the profile with a latch is made of polycarbonate resistant to UV radiation.  It can be frosted, transparent or with a lens which allows selecting the desired light intensity (soft or bright light). Screen protects the LED strip from dust and moisture.  

External profile for a LED is most often used for indoor lighting and namely for lighting of stair, cabinets, windows and ceilings.

A sealed version of the profile can be used for illumination of outdoor architectural elements, such as steps of open-air stairs, facades, etc.

LED strip in external profile is not only original but also functional design solution. This solution can be used to illuminate stair of any kind.

The profile for LEDs is attached to stair steps with double-sided adhesive tape or self-tapping screws that assures safety and ease of installation.

Standard profile length is 2 m. Length by the order can be 1 m.

External profile

external profile

installation of an external profile