Frequently asked questions and answers to them
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What is difference of your company from the other ones?

Our products are the completed structure and not the construction set “do-it-yourself”;

Qualitative execution: the devices (motion sensors, controllers) have the effective good-looking appearance;

One can select several setup and design options of the controller: standard (Master module) or advanced (Professional module);

The complete set can be installed by your own means: controllers, motion sensors, lights (LED strips and spot lights);

Your payment information is safe because we use the protected encrypted connection;

Performance guarantee: years of  stable work at the market, hundreds of satisfied clients.

How to choose a lighting set for the stairs?

First of all it’s necessary to determine the answers to the following questions:

  • Light source: light-emitting-diode strip (LED-strip) or spot light.
  • Quantity of steps: this is required to determine the necessity of expansion module usage.
  • Quantity of module setups: standard (Master module) or advanced (professional module).

How one can select a stair lighting set?

  • select the required set (depending on the quantity of steps, light type (LED strips or lamps), quantity of setups (standard or advanced ones));
  • place an order (put in basket and fill all the required fields in the order form);
  • pay the order;
  • coordinate the delivery. 

How much does the delivery cost?

Courier delivery “from hand to hand” is 49 €