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A stair illumination with spot lights is a modern and original design solution. Spot lights are small devices that emit a directional and a rather intense light beam with the light sector of about 30 °.

Spot lights can be of a turning and of a fixed type and  of almost any shape (round, square, diamond-shaped, etc.). They can be equipped with different light sources (halogen lamps, traditional incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps or LED devices).

As a rule the lights built in walls are used for internal lighting (stair, wardrobes and ceilings).

Sealed street lights are equipped with a protective rubber or plastic housing, they can be used for illumination of  outdoor architectural elements, such as street stair steps, facades, etc.

The lights built in walls are widely used for stair flights and steps lighting. Due to this kind of lighting in the dark time you can move on a stair comfortably and safely.

Spot lights installation into the walls is quite simple and requires no special training.