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An external angle profile made of high quality anodized aluminum for lighting of stair steps is a base for a LED strip or a LED linear up to 12 mm wide.

A screen for the profile with a latch lock is made of frosted polycarbonate resistant to UV radiation. The external half-round angle profile for a LED strip with a screen is used for internal lighting of stair steps.  The angle of steps lighting axis is 39 ° to the vertical.

A LED strip in an external angle profile for steps is not only an original but also a functional design solution. This profile  can be used to illuminate steps of almost any stair.

The external angle profile for a LED strip is attached to the stair steps with self-tapping screws that assures an easy and safe installation.

Standard profile length is 2 m. Length by the order can be 1 m.

Angle profile – external, semicircular