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Vendor: D1

Motion sensor equipped with a built-in light sensor. When crossing the coverage area of one of the sensors at night, the stairway lighting actuates automatically sequentially illuminating each step. In the minimum configuration uses two sensors and a controller.

Sensor panel color:
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Shipping: 10-14 days (Shipping 10-14 days)
The sensors are used in the kit with controller
  • The motion sensor (ultrasonic) with a built-in light sensor - built-in (mounted in a standard mounting box). Designed for automatic turning ON/OFF of steps lighting.

  • Series

    Model series Motion sensor with a built-in light sensor


    Motion sensor appointment Stair steps lighting automatic turning ON/OFF


    Sensitive elements light-sensitive resistor in a plastic housing
    Degree of protection IP 20
    Dimensions 82 x 82 x 40 mm
    Installation flush-mounting (into a mounting box)
    Color White

    Sensor functions

    Determination of light intensity in a premise yes
    Activation of Day / Night modes yes
    Automation system disabling the in the daytime yes