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Vendor: K1-24

Automatic stair lighting controller "PROFESSIONAL" is characterized by maximum performance and comprehensive setup possibilities. It is the best solution for the most ambitious projects.

Controller specifics:
Stair steps:16
Maximum load current for 1 step (1 channel):1A
Degree of protection:IP 22
Price: 580.0 EUR
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The controller is used in set c with motion sensors
  • The range of controllers "PROFESSIONAL" provides a wide range of functions for automatic lighting systems using LED light sources. In the controller different parameters are set independently of each other (without complex multi-level menus) in real time. It allows installers and users of stair automatic lighting systems to enjoy the simplicity and ease of use.

    The controller body is suitable for mounting on a DIN-rail in standard mounting boxes (external, flush-mounted or placed in an existing switchboard in your house). It assures aesthetic appearance and easy access to the controller's control panel at any time.

    The controller can be used in installations with up to 24 steps.

  • Series

    Model series PROFESSIONAL


    Appointment of controller Automatic lighting control


    Supply voltage 12 V
    Maximum current of load on 1 step (1 channel) 1A (12 W)
    Degree of protection IP 22
    Dimensions 159 х 88 х 58 mm
    Body material ABC-plastic (V0 class)
    Fastening of the case On a DIN-rail (35mm) or on an even surface

    Number of channels

    Number of connected steps (number of channels) 24

    Controller functions

    Lighting turning ON/OFF based on light sensor signal yes
    Possibility of an alternate switch connection yes
    Motion sensors sensitivity adjustment yes
    Stair steps lighting intensity adjustment yes
    Steps lighting ON/OFF speed adjustment yes
    Adjustment of lighting duration before turning OFF yes
    Switch mode selection (animation) yes