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New controller with support for RGB-ledstrips and a simple connection scheme

A new controller for automatic lighting of staircases "Compact" will come on sale soon.

The controller is integrated in the housing of the motion sensor. Ways of installation: a waybill and built in. Wide choice of face panels for sensors: white, beige, black, light wood, dark wood and others.

Control and adjustment of the backlight is carried out with the help of a free application for your smartphone or tablet based on Android. The application allows you to adjust the mode of operation of the backlight, brightness, day / night mode, adjust the color (in case of using RGB-tape).

As light sources you can use single-color LED stripes, RGB tapes or LED lights can be used.

Also, the controller "Compact" assumes a fundamentally new connection scheme that allows you to significantly decrease the required number of wires, so there is no need to gut the walls and lay a large number of wires.

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