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How to choose a set for stair lighting?

How to choose a set for stair lighting?You have decided to arrange an automatic stair lighting, but do not know which kit is right for you? This article will give you answers to basic questions and help determine the choice of equipment.

How to choose a kit?

The basis of our automatic staircase lighting system is the controller and motion sensors. You will also need a light source and power supply.

The first thing you should decide on is whether you need automatic lighting for one span or for several spans?

A separate controller and two motion sensors are required for each span. For a two-span staircase, there is an alternative in the form of a Professional 2.0 controller. This controller allows you to connect four motion sensors and supports the independent operation of two spans.

The next question to be answered is how many steps does your stair have (if there are several spans, how many steps in each span)? The base controller Professional allows you to connect 16 steps, but this number can be increased to 24 and 32 with the help of expansion modules. The Professional 2.0 controller allows you to connect up to 32 steps without using additional modules. The Compcact controller allows you to connect up to 30 stages, for each stage a small control module is needed.

Now select the appropriate motion sensors which is differ in the method of installation: built-in - under the standard electrical installation box, and attachable - mounted on a wall or other surface; as well as on the material and color of the decorative face panel. Available options you can find in the relevant section of our catalog.

As a light source you can use a 12-volt LED strip - monochrome or RGB (only with a Compact controller); or 12 volt LED spotlights.

The last thing you need is a power supply. A 12 volt power supply is required to operate the system. The power supply unit converts the power of 220 volts to 12 volts and supplies it to the controller, which distributes it to the other elements of the system. The power of the power supply is selected based on the total power of the light sources (see the characteristics of the selected led-strips or luminaires). We recommend taking a power supply unit with a power margin of at least 30%.

What is the difference between controllers?

At the moment we have 3 options for automatic stair lighting controllers. The principle of the backlight is the same, but there are differences.

The "Professional" controller allows you to connect 16 stages (24 and 32 use expansion modules) and 2 motion sensors. The controls are located on the controller itself. Easy to install and configure.

The "Professional 2.0" controller allows you to connect up to 32 stages and up to 4 motion sensors. Supports independent work of two spans. Also comes with a presence sensor. It can be installed above the flight of stairs, while you remain in its coverage area, the lights on the stairs do not go off. Also, this controller supports the function “running light”: the addressable LED strip can be laid along the staircase or in the railing and it will light up smoothly in the direction of travel. Management and configuration is done through our application for smartphones based on Android.

The "Compact" controller is built into the body of the motion sensor and uses a different, simpler connection scheme. A good option when finishing has already been done, as it allows to reduce the required amount of wiring. Supports up to 30 stages, it will be necessary to install a small light source control module on each light source. Allows the use of multi-color RGB LED strip. Configurable through an application for smartphones based on Android.

Additional Information.

Instructions and connection diagrams can be found at the following links.

Controller "Professional" - https://my-interactivehome.com/netcat_files/467/662/618252f1da5a669d2435ffe7ddbc0501

Controller "Professional 2.0" - https://my-interactivehome.com/netcat_files/467/662/594ceb310b308455f21d14651d1e2f93

"Compact" controller - https://my-interactivehome.com/netcat_files/467/662/a49a3843b9094a982a257f4a182a8ef6

For the selection of the backlight kit you can use the Configurator

If you have any questions or need help contact us via e-mail: info.myinteractivehome@gmail.com

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