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A set of stairway lighting with enhanced functionality "PROFESSIONAL 2.0". The set are consisting of a 32-channel controller (32 steps), four motion sensors, presense sensor and a module for setting of motion sensors.. Suitable for use on stairs with two spans. It also has an ability to connect a color RGB LED-strip "running fire" to illuminate the railing or steps of the ladder along the march.

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  • Premade automatic stairway lighting set with PROFESSIONAL 2.0 controller and four motion sensors with built-in light sensors. Suitable for stairs with the maximum number of steps - 32. Also equipped with a presence sensor and a module for setting motion sensors. The maximum number of settings and functions. Ease of installation and connection. Set up with your smartphone.

    You can chose from built-in (white, beige, black, lightwood or darkwood case) and attachable (white or beige case). Tell us about your preferences.

  • Controller "Professional 2.0" 1
    Motion Sensor - built-in (White), D1 4
    Kit for connecting and configuring 1
    Guide 1
    Packing box 1
  • Main unit

    Model series PROFESSIONAL 2'0


    Supply voltage 12 V
    Maximum current of load on 1 step (1 channel) 1 A (12 W)
    Degree of protection IP 22
    Dimensions 170 х 80 х 20 mm
    Body material ABC-plastic (V0 class)
    Fastening of the case On a DIN-rail (35mm) or on an even surface
    Number of connected steps (number of channels) 32
    Maximum number of motions sensors 4

    Controller functions

    Lighting turning ON/OFF based on light sensor signal yes
    Possibility of an alternate switch connection yes
    Motion sensors sensitivity adjustment yes
    Stair steps lighting intensity adjustment yes
    Steps lighting ON/OFF speed adjustment yes
    Adjustment of lighting duration before turning OFF yes
    Switch mode selection (animation) yes

    Motion sensor

    Model series Motion sensor with a built-in light sensor


    Sensitive elements light-sensitive resistor in a plastic housing
    Degree of protection IP 20
    Dimensions 82 x 82 x 40 mm
    Installation flush-mounting (into a mounting box)
    Color White

    Sensor functions

    Determination of light intensity in a premise yes
    Activation of Day / Night modes yes
    Automation system disabling the in the daytime yes